Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Awards to Three Monkeys at River Run International Film Festival

Three Monkeys has received the top prize in an international film festival in the United States. Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Three Monkeys (Uc Maymun) was named "the Best Film" by the jury in the River Run International Film Festival. Actress Hatice Aslan received the Best Actress Award with her part in Three Monkeys. The festival jury included Eric Besner from Lucas Films, director Jennifer Chambers Lynch, film critic Andrew O'Heir Michael Kutza, artistic director and the founder of Chicago International Film Festival. Ceylan was named the best director with Three Monkeys in 2008 in the Cannes Film Festival.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Box Office Ranking ...so far

Rank / Movie Title / Distributor / Gross / Release Date
Turkish films in Bold
1 Recep Ivedik 2 Ozen Film $20,769,050 2/13

2 Günesi gördüm Pinema $11,367,756 3/12
3 Güz sancisi Ozen Film $2,889,639 1/23
4 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button WB $2,608,363 2/6
5 Kadri'nin götürdügü yere git Medyavizyon $2,388,416 1/16
6 Vali (2009) Medyavizyon $2,227,940 1/9
7 Yes Man WB $1,883,542 1/16
8 Slumdog Millionaire Chantier $1,869,006 2/27
9 Fast and Furious UIP $1,558,249 4/3
10 Twilight Tiglon $1,465,726 1/16
11 The Tale of Despereaux UIP $1,420,078 1/23
12 Ayakta Kal UIP $1,128,543 1/16
13 Umut Ozen Film $945,268 2/27
14 Vicky Cristina Barcelona Tiglon $910,973 1/9
15 Inkheart Medyavizyon $884,658 1/23
16 My Bloody Valentine 3-D WB $875,120 2/13
17 Valkyrie Tiglon $855,129 1/30
18 Knowing WB $840,922 4/10
19 The Unborn (2009) UIP $781,125 1/9
20 Watchmen UIP $587,002 3/6

2008 Box office ranking based on Gross

Rank / Movie Title / Distributor / Gross / Release Date
Foreign films in Bold

1 Recep Ivedik Ozen Film $24,632,784 2/22
2 A.R.O.G UIP $19,403,566 12/5
3 Issiz adam Cinefilm $14,515,789 11/7
4 Muro: Nalet olsun içimdeki insan sevgisine Ozen Film $11,526,993 12/5
5 Osmanli cumhuriyeti UIP $7,334,710 11/21
6 Mustafa WB $5,589,390 10/29
7 Maskeli besler kibris UIP $5,575,199 1/11
8 Çilgin dersane kampta Ozen Film $5,284,100 1/11
9 O... Çocuklari Kenda $4,358,771 5/16
10 Journey to the Center of the Earth Medyavizyon $3,585,149 7/18

Alltime Turkish Box Office Ranking

Rank/ Film / (release) / Tickets
1 Recep İvedik (2008) 4,301,641
2 Kurtlar Vadisi-Irak (2006) 4,256,567
3 G.O.R.A (2004) 4,001,071
4 Babam ve Oğlum (2005) 3,837,876
5 A.R.O.G (2008) 3,457,966
6 Vizontele (2001) 3,308,120
7 Vizontele Tuba (2004) 2,894,802
8 Titanik (1998) 2,844,022
9 Hababam Sınıfı Askerde (2005) 2,586,132
10 Eşkiya (1996) 2,571,133
11 Organize İşler (2005) 2,558,069
12 Kahpe Bizans (2000) 2,472,162
13 Muro (2008) 2,165,199
14 Hababam Sınıfı 3.5 (2006) 2,068,165
15 Beyaz Melek (2007) 2,030,444
16 Issız Adam (2008) 2,012,780
17 Kabadayı (2007) 2,002,005
18 Asmalı Konak (2003) 1,791,396
19 Yüzüklerin Efendisi: Yüzük Kardeşliği (2001) 1,759,705
20 Truva (2004) 1,692,458

Turkish Provinces with no Movie Theaters

Turkish Provinces with no Movie Theaters: Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Ağrı, Iğdır, Ardahan, Muş, Mardin Kilis, Şırnak and Siirt.

Turkey has 1575 screens mainly in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. 70% of the screens are operated by independant owners (mostly 1-2 screens) and 6 national chains operate the other 30%.

2008 Turkish Box office

Top 10 Box office (all Turkish films)
RANK/NAME/Ticket Sales

1 RECEP İVEDİK 4,301,641
3 MURO* 2,165,199
4 ISSIZ ADAM* 2,012,780
6 MUSTAFA 1,098,687
7 120 1,033,917
8 MASKELI BEŞLER: KIBRIS 95,141 960,979
9 ÇILGIN DERSANE KAMPTA 6,314,199 899,314
10 O… ÇOCUKLARI 713,546

[*] in current release Friday, December 19, 2008
in 2007 only 5 films in top 10 were Turkish productions.

Total films released in 2008: 256
Toal Turkish Films released in 2008 : 50 (19.53 %) [1]
Total tickets: toplam 38.465.046
Total Tickets sold for Turkish films: 23.074.291 (59.99 %) [2]
Total Box Office: 301.652.746 TL
Average Ticket Price: 7.84 TL [3]
Highest Box Office: Week 49
Best box office month : December 2008
[1] Not including the Turkish films released in 2007 that was still in release in 2008.
[2] Including ticket sales for the Turkish films released in 2007 that was still in release in 2008.
[3] January 1, 2008 parity with US$
TRY Turkey Lira 1.170 Units per USD
December 31, 2008 parity with US$

TRY Turkey Lira 1.540 Units per USD

Source:Haftalık Antrakt Sinema Gazetesi

Based on year-end Türkiye's Weekend Market Datas" chart by the Weekly Antrakt Cinema Newspaper

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IIFF 2009 | Men on the Bridge

Director: Aslı Özge
Cast: Fikret Portakal, Murat Tokgöz, Umut İlker
Germany-Turkey, 2009 | 35 mm / Colour / 90' | Turkish; English s.t.
ProductionFabian Massah for Endorphine Production GmbH

The illegal rose-seller Fikret, the shared-taxi driver Umut, and the traffic policeman Murat live in the suburbs of Istanbul and come to work to the centre of the city, the Bosphorus Bridge. Unknown to each other, their dreams intersect in the rush hour every day with millions of other Istanbulites on the so-called border between Asia and Europe. The film's stories are based on the real lives of the main characters, who act themselves in their original environments. Telling the stories of Berliners in her first fiction feature A Little Bit of April (2003), Aslı Özge this time tells about the dreams and aspirations of the young generation in Istanbul.

Köprüdekiler (2009)
... aka Igne deligi (Turkey: Turkish title)
... aka Men on the Bridge (International: English title)
Ein bisschen April | A Little Bit of April | Biraz Nisan (2003) (TV) 99 min.
Cast: Thomas Gerber, Dagmar Gabler, Christian Wewerka, Anja Ressmer

Berlin in April. Luka spends his days looking for the house he has seen in his dreams since he was a child. At night he secretly returns to these houses to see if he can sleep there without having nightmares. One night he meets Vera with whom he once had an affair. His mysterious existence also attracts Tim, a failed writer who cannot accept that his glory days are over. And then there’s Cem who dreams of becoming a famous musician and the beautiful but naive Isa. For each of them, moving to a new house is an end in itself, but also a new beginning.

IIFF 2009 | The Awards

The Awards Ceremony and the Closing Gala of the 28th edition of the International İstanbul Film Festival was held on Saturday, April 19, at Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Lifetime Achievement Award of the Festival was presented to Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski. The other awards:

The International Jury of the 28th International Istanbul Film Festival presided over by director Goran Paskaljevic and composed of film critic Mike Goodridge, Managing Director of Holland Film, President of the European Film Promotion and member of the selection committee for the Competition Programme of the Berlin International Film Festival Claudia Landsberger, director Cristian Mungiu and director Ümit Ünal has decided to give the:

Golden Tulip to TONY MANERO directed by Pablo Larraín, which the jury felt was a highly original portrait of life under an oppressive political regime, and which is shocking, funn7px;y and moving.

Special Jury Prize to A FILM WITH ME IN IT directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, which the jury thought was that rare comedy which keeps you laughing from beginning to end with its unusual story and dark, dark humour.

The National Jury of the 28th International Istanbul Film Festival presided over by director Kutluğ Ataman, and composed of consultant editor of the TimeOut Film Guide Geoff Andrew, author Ayşe Kulin, producer Zeynep Özbatur, Sarajevo Film Festival Director Mirsad Purivatra and actress Bennu Yıldırımlar has decided to give:
the Golden Tulip Best Film Award to KÖPRÜDEKİLER / MEN ON THE BRIDGE directed by Aslı Özge;
the Best Director Award to MAHMUT FAZIL COŞKUN for his film Uzak İhtimal / Wrong Rosary.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey gave a monetary prize of 50,000 TL to each of the above-mentioned winners.
the Best Actress Award to DERYA ALABORA for her performance in Pandora'nın Kutusu / Pandora's Box;
the Best Actor Award to NADİR SARIBACAK for his performance in Uzak İhtimal / Wrong Rosary.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey gave a monetary prize of 10,000 TL to each of the above-mentioned winners.
the Best Screenplay Award to TARIK TUFAN, GÖRKEM YELTAN, BEKTAŞ TOPALOĞLU for their screenplay for Uzak İhtimal / Wrong Rosary;
the Best Director of Photography Award to ÖZGÜR EKEN for his work in Süt / Milk;
the Best Music Award to NAİL YURTSEVER for his work for Ali'nin Sekiz Günü / Ali's Eight Days;
the Special Prize of the Jury to 11'E 10 KALA / 10 TO 11 by Pelin Esmer.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Director: Caner Canerik
Cast: Ali Şanlı, Cevahir Şanlı, Metin Güler
Turkey, 2008 | miniDV / Colour / 90' | Turkish-Kurkish; English s.t.

The latest film from director Caner Canerik, who has switched to documentaries after a career in news reporting chronicles his observations from the Kırmızıköprü Village (Pırdesur in Kurdish) in Pülümür town in the east of Turkey where he was born, and his return years after he has left for college. Especially after 1990, internal migration caused big tragedies in the east and south east regions of Turkey. Three million people, according to unofficial statistics, left their homes and savings and migrated to cities they hardly knew. Kırmızıköprü now only has a population of 30 following emigration from the village, and the stories of these people who did not migrate, who continued to live there reflect the cultural and social transformation, life and struggle in the village.


Directors: Çağrı Kınıkoğlu & Gloria Rolando
Turkey-Cuba, 2008 | HD / Colour / 68' | Turkish-Spanish; English s.t.

The great poet of equality, freedom, and the Turkish language, Nâzım Hikmet had visited Cuba in 1961, on the invitation of his friend, the Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen. A member of the World Peace Council then, Nâzım went to Cuba in May 1961 for solidarity and also to observe the enthusiasm and the progress of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Through the testimonies of Cuban intellectuals whom Nâzım had met in this joyous voyage, and through other documents and archive materials, such as the recording of Nâzım's poem the "Havana Interview", the film discovers how the Cuban Revolution influenced Nâzım and how Nâzım influenced the Cuban intellectuals. This is a story of compatriot brotherhood and hope.