Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ministry Support for 2006

The Culture and Tourism Ministry will provide financial support --nearly 2.2 million USD-- to 14 long-feature film projects in 2006. Some of the films are as follows: ''The Cows, The People, The Fall (İnekler, İnsanlar, Sonbahar)'' by Yavuz Özkan; ''Ballad for the Black Sea (Karadeniz'e Balad)'' by Yusuf Kurcenli; ''Pandora's Box (Pandora'nın Kutusu)'' by Yesim Ustaoğlu; ''the Egg (Yumurta)'' by Semih Kaplanoğlu; ''Sanjan (Sanjan)'' by Aydın Sayman; ''Adam's Trains (Adem'in Trenleri)'' by Barış Pirhasan; ''the Season of Fall Again (Yine Hazan Mevsimi)'' by Mehmet Eryılmaz; ''Istanbul (Istanbul)'' by Emine Seçkin Yaşar; and ''A Film by Tuğra Kaftancıoğlu (Bir Tuğra Kaftancıoğlu Filmi)'' by Hasan Yalaz.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Ice Cream I Scream" named as Turkey's Oscar nominee

"Ice Cream I Scream" named as Turkey's Oscar nominee

"Ice Cream I Scream", the debut film of director Yüksel Aksu which has been screened in the Golden Orange Film Festival program, has been chosen to represent Turkey among the Oscar nominee entries in the Academy Awards of 2007. One of the highlighted titles of the Golden Orange festival, "Ice Cream I Scream" has gathered considerable attention and praise in its screenings across Turkey. The film's screening in Golden Orange was enhanced by a performance by Baba Zula, the film's soundtrack composers. "Ice Cream, I Scream" is famous for its cast comprising of, except the head actor Turan Özdemir, amateurs chosen from the Muğla folk.

This year's Academy Awards will be given in February 25, 2007. The nominee films are expected to be announced in January 23.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Babam ve Oglum |Sountrack Award to Evanthia Reboutsika

Alberto Iglesias is the big winner of the World Soundtrack Awards 2006. He won both the Award of Soundtrack Composer of the Year and Best Original Soundtrack of the year with the music he wrote for The Constant Gardener. The prestigious film music awards were presented during the 33rd Flanders International Film Festival Ghent on Saturday October 14 for the sixth time running.

The ‘Public Choice Award’ went to Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolalla for the soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain and Evanthia Reboutsika (1) was elected as ‘The Discovery of the Year 2006’ for the music of My Father & My Son. The ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ went to Peer Raben but as he was absent for health’s reasons, the actress and singer Ingrid Caven received it.

(1) 2003 Politiki Kouzina | 2005 Babam Ve Oglum