Friday, February 03, 2006

Rotterdam 2006

USA/Turkey 2006
director:Aslihan Unaldi
production:New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Dep. Gratuate, Thomas Perry
sales:Aslihan Unaldi
print:Aslihan Unaldi
scenario:Aslihan Unaldi
cast:hd Kamel, Sami Mitwasi, Elena Zazanis, J. Teddy Garces
camera:Rob Hauer
editor:Tocinovski Milan Sako, Aslihan Unaldi
art direction Mark Jackson, Etienne Kallos
sound:Hakim Robinson, Lihi Orbach
A young woman has decided to blow herself up in a suicide attack. After she has strapped on the explosive belt and walks the street in the crowds, she starts to have her doubts.

Harmonia mundi
(Turkey) Turkey 2005
director:Veysel Gencten
production:Veysel Gencten
sales:Veysel Gencten
print:Veysel Gencten
scenario:Veysel Gencten
cast:Hulya Safak
camera:Veysel Gencten
editor:Veysel Gencten
music:Omer Faruk Tekbilek

A colourful time-lapse portrait of Istanbul and the way in which life in the city on the Bosporus passes. Adorned with an impressive series of sunsets, the film flirts with the borders of kitsch.

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