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Cannes 2007 | Egg by Semih Kaplanoglu

Egg,"the first film of Semih Kaplanoğlu's "Yusuf Trilogy", has been selected for screening at the "Quinzaine des Realisateurs" section of the 60th Cannes Film Festival.A co-production between Turkey and Greece, the film was made with the support of Eurimages, Turkey's Ministry of Culture, the Greek Film Center, Efes Pilsen and the Municipality of Tire and features Nejat İşler and Saadet Işıl Aksoy in the leading roles.

"Milk" the second film from the Yusuf Trilogy--Honey, Milk, and Egg--written by Semih Kaplanoğlu and Orçun Köksal will be introduced to film professionals by the Cannes Atelier, one of the official sections of the Cannes festival. Yumurta
de Semih Kaplanoglu
Egg | Yumurta
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DIRECTOR Semih Kaplanoğlu SCREENPLAY Semih Kaplanoğlu DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Özgür Eken SOUND İsmail Karadaş
Özkan Yılmaz EDITING Ayhan Ergürsel, Semih Kaplanoğlu, Suzan Hande Güneri
PRODUCER Semih Kaplanoğlu Kaplan Film Production CO-PRODUCER Lilette Botassi Inkas Film Production GREEK CO-PRODUCERSPanayiotis Papazoğlu(PPV S.A.) SOUND STUDIO Papazoğlu S.A. (Athens)LAB Sinefekt (İstanbul)Sklavis Lab (Athens) CAST:Nejat İşler (Yusuf), Saadet Işıl Aksoy (Ayla), Ufuk Bayraktar (Haluk), Tülin Özen (Woman in Bookstore), Gülçin Santırcıoğlu (Gül) Kaan Karabacak (Little Boy)

SYNOPSIS: Poet Yusuf returns to his childhood hometown, which he hadn't visited for years, upon his mother's death. A young girl, Ayla awaits him in a crumbling house. Yusuf has been unaware of the existence of this distant relation who had been living with his mother for five years.

Ayla has something to ask of Yusuf . Yusuf is obliged to perform the sacrifice his mother Zehra had been prevented by death from fulfilling. Yusuf agrees as he finds himself unable to withstand the passive rhythm of rural life, the spaces imbued with the ghosts and personages of old lovers and friends, nor against the overriding feeling of guilt.

Yusuf and Ayla set off for the saint's tomb, some three or four hours away, for the traditional sacrifice ceremony. Unable to locate the herd amongst which the sacrificial animal was to be selected, they have to spend the night in a hotel by the crater lake. Yusuf and Ayla are drawn closer together by the atmosphere of the wedding party at the hotel.

While the falling snow blankets guilt, the place to which they are returning will no longer be that old town.

Film greco-turc en couleur, 2007, tous publics
Quinzaine des réalisateurs Cannes 2007

A la mort de sa mère, le poète Yusuf retourne dans son village natal où il n'était pas venu depuis des années. Ayla, une jeune fille qui vivait avec sa mère depuis cinq ans l'attend dans une maison décrépite.
Ayla demande à Yusuf d'accomplir le rite sacrificiel que sa mère Zehra n'a pas pu faire avant de mourir. En route our la tombe du saint, ils doivent s'arrêter pour la nuit dans un hôtel. Se trouvant pris dans une fête de mariage, Yusuf et Ayla découvrent qu'ils sont attirés l'un par l'autre.

Casting : Semih Kaplanoglu (Réalisation), Nejat Isler , Saadet Isil Aksoy , Ufuk Bayraktar , Semih Kaplanoglu (Scénario), Orcun Koksal (Scénario)

Durée : 97 minutes

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