Saturday, December 22, 2007

Profile | Mesut Kara


He was born in 1961 in Istanbul. Besides his literature works, he is a cinema writer for 15 years. Mesut Kara who is an Art Director in advertising sector, also produced programs about cinema. He has published two books named “Artizler Kahvesi” (Artists’ Coffeehouse) and “Yeşilçam’da Unutulmayan Yüzler” (Unforgettable faces in Yeşilcam). He has been writer and editor in many magazines. He is a text writer and consultant in a Cinema Program named in Cinema Show broadcasted on Show TV. He took responsibility for preparation and presentation of a cinema program named Hayalet Mektebi (School of Ghosts) broadcasted on Kanal 6. He was an editor-in-chief and page designer in Literature magazine named “Uç”. As of November 2007 he is the publisher of Cinemascope Dergisi,with a board of writers such as Prof. Dr. Oğuz Makal, Engin Ayça, Ahmet Soner, Taner Ay, Orhan Ünser and Barış Bardakçı


Yılmaz Güney Documentary (Director and Text Writer)
Erkan Yücel Documentary (Director and Text Writer)
“Unutulmayan Yüzler” (Unforgettable Faces) documentary series about the old-time Turkish actors, including Sezer Sezin, Belgin Doruk, Ayhan Işık, Bülent Oran, Hayati Hamzaoğlu, Turgut Özatay.
JUST PASSED FROM HERE |Simdi Gecti Buradan
(Director and Text Writer)
Documentary. 2005, 60 minutes| In Turkish with English subtitles
Art adventure and biography of Erkan Yucel who is unforgettable face of cinema and legendary actor of theatre...

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