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IFF Rotterdam | Black Dogs Barking

IFFR 2009 | Signals: Young Turkish Cinema 2009

A dynamic shooting-style, pitch-perfect written street lingo and a transfixing dog-eat-dog story form the essence of this exciting first feature about two friends who get into deep trouble in Istanbul’s chaotic underground scene. At times funny, at times tragic, but foremostly, jolting in its authenticity.

Restless and young, best buddies Selim and Çaça live a meagre existence on the outskirts of Istanbul. Their neighbourhood's view of the city's gigantic business towers accelerates their ambitions. By day they grow pigeons on the roof, by night they drive their pimped-up car, 'My Orange Angel', and roam the mean streets with their entourage. The two buddies want to open up their own parking-lot business near a gigantic mall, and they just might get lucky, since they’re supported by the local mafia boss. But everyone wants a slice of the cake and the mall’s dodgy security contractor, Sait, is not so willing to let his 'turf' slide to these up-and-coming lads. Plus, the cops are on the boys’ tail to gather evidence against the mafia’s now 'legalized' activities. It isn’t long before Selim and Çaça’s dreams will be shattered when they find themselves in water over their heads. This sizzling début feature from Mehmet Bahadir Er and Maryna Gorbach, shot in a verité style, captures a verisimilitude representative of the many unemployed young Turkish men who just want to make a better life for themselves. Submerged in poverty and the prevailing macho culture, it is no surprise that they become victims of violence. Bustling with energy with its in-yer-face attitude, Black Dogs Barking proudly takes over On Board's (1988) legacy of the working class anti-heroes. (EY)

Director Mehmet Bahadir Er
Maryna Gorbach
Producer Mehmet Bahadir Er
Sales Kara Kirmizi Film
Print source Kara Kirmizi Film
Scenario Mehmet Bahadir Er
Cast Cemal Toktas
Volga Sorgu Tekinoglu
Erkan Can
Ayfer Dönmez
Taylan Ertugrul
Ergun Kuyucu
Mehmet Usta
Muhammed Cangören
Murat Daltaban
Photography Sviatoslav Bulakovskyi
Editor Maryna Gorbach, Mehmet Bahadir Er
Art design Serdar Yilmaz
Length 88'

Mehmet Bahadir Er

Mehmet Bahadir ER (1982, Turkey) is student at the film school in Istanbul. The Earthquake (2005), one of his short films, won an award for Best Short at the Istanbul Independent Film Festival. Black Dogs Barking (2008) is his first feature.
Goygoy (2004, short), Zilzal/The Earthquake (2005, short)[1], Umut/Hope (2006, short), Araf/The Heights (2007, short), Kara köpekler havlarken/Black Dogs Barking (2009, co-dir)

Maryna Gorbach

Maryna GORBACH (1981, Ukraine) graduated from Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV in 2006. Her first short film The Jar (2004) won awards at different international festivals. The Debt (2006) was her graduation film. Black Dogs Barking (2008) is her first feature. The Jar (2004, short), The Debt (2006, short), Kara köpekler havlarken/Black Dogs Barking (2009, co-dir)

[1] IFFR 07 | The Earthquake pays homage to the 15,000 victims at least killed by a major earthquake that took place in 1999 in north-western Turkey. A girl is trapped in a collapsed house. She finds her video camera.
Director/Producer/Screenplay: Mehmet Bahadir Er
Cast Diba Ener, Gülsen Er
Photography Diba Ener, Mehmet Bahadir Er
Editor Mehmet Bahadir Er
Length 14'

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