Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MWFF 2011 | BODY


First Films World Competition2011 / Colour / 104 min

Director : Mustafa Nuri Script : Mustafa Nuri
Photography : A. Emre Tanyildiz Editor : Eray Ilhan
Cast : Hatice Aslan, Hakan Kurtas, Cengiz Bozkurt, Sayla Halis, Sebnem Dilligil, Neslihan Yeldan, Ilayda Suren

Leyla, in her 40s, is an occasional porn actress. Several years ago she moved to Germany with Yilmaz and they worked together in the porn film industry. Now back in Istanbul, Yilmaz breaks up with Leyla. While Leyla is trying to get used to live without Yilmaz, he approaches her with a final request; one last movie. Reluctantly Leyla agrees to act in the picture. And it is through this movie that handsome young Izzet enters her life. Because of a traumatic childhood experience, Izzet is unlike others in the business. During the shooting of the film, an unexpected fight breaks out and Izzet runs away, though Leyla remains in his mind. Izzet follows Leyla for days, begging to reconcile. Leyla isn't fully convinced, but she can't say no to him. She enjoys someone's interest in her after all these years. Can she make it work? Meanwhile, Yilmaz's love life takes a turn for the worse. Without telling his girlfriend he records themselves while having sex. When Yilmaz's girlfriend comes home unexpectedly, she catches Yilmaz showing the tape to his friends. She reacts furiously...

Mustafa Nuri
Born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1973, Mustafa Nuri graduated in communications from Istanbul University and he also has a master's in Turkish culture. He directed numerous commercials, many of which won prizes in the Crystal Apple competition. BODY marks his directorial debut in features.

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