Thursday, September 01, 2011

TIFF 2011 | Don't Go

Pinky - Don't Go from Pinky on Vimeo.

Don't Go
Turgut Akacik
Country: Turkey
Year: 2010
Runtime:  (3’ 51”)
Ages: 7-11
A pouncing cat pursues its imaginary disco-dancing friend in this lively and original music video.
produced by Anima - Istanbul. Annecy 2010 Animation Film Festival Special Distinction Award and Junior Jury Award for a short film winner. By Anima istanbul

Character Design: Nermin Er
Art Director: Melis Şeylan
Story: Turgut Akaçık
Production: Oya Aytimur
Graphic Design: Melis Şeylan
Animation: Turgut Akaçık
Director of Photography: Turgut Akaçık
Compositing: Koray Güzey, İlhan Poyraz
TD: Soner Ünlü
Modeling: Özgül Gürbüz
Music: "Don't Go" - Yazoo, "Invisible" - Fisher Spooner
Sound Design: Ozan Kurtulus
Editing: Turgut Akaçık
Title Sequence Animation: Ahmet Tabak
Pinky - Don't Go (Teaser)

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