Thursday, April 28, 2005

PARDON (2005)

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Director: Mert Baykal
Cast: Ferhan Şensoy, Rasim Öztekin, Ali Çatalbaş
Turkey, 2005
35 mm. / Color / 94’
Turkish; English s.t.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY, PARDON IS A BLACK COMEDY THAT DEALS WITH A CHAIN OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS SPARKED BY A SERIES OF JUDICIAL AND POLICE ERRORS. Three friends leading ordinary, common lives are mistakenly taken under custody. Following the advice of the police officers, they take on certain unclaimed crimes, and are sent to prison right away. As their hopes of being released wither, they reluctantly adapt to prison life. The screenplay of young director Mert Baykal's debut feature is written by Ferhan Şensoy who also takes the lead role.

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