Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rotterdam 2007 | The Flag (Bayrak)

An oppressive video work about the indoctrination of young people in Turkey.

The Flag is part two of a series of video works about Turkish national day ceremonies. This work was shot during Children's Day on 23 April, a festive day celebrating the forming of the Turkish parliament and the official end - in 1920 - of the Ottoman Empire. On this day, children perform pompous patriotic rituals that were conceived by the elders. With the mayor and governor of Istanbul as host, and accompanied by a senior soldier, the schoolchildren recite poems and take an oath in which patriotism turns to ultra-nationalism.

Director Köken Ergun
Sales Köken Ergun
Print source Köken Ergun
Photography Köken Ergun, Hatice Güleryüz
Editor Köken Ergun
Sound Köken Ergun, Thomas Wallmann Length 8'

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