Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beynelmilel' sweeps awards at Altın Koza

Beynelmilel' sweeps awards at Altın Koza

Adana's Altın Koza (golden cocoon) Film Festival, which went international in its 14th edition this year, handed out awards to the winners of the national feature-length film competition on Saturday night as the seven-day festival readied to wrap up tonight.

The big winner of the night was "Beynelmilel" (international), which scooped major awards such as best film, best screenplay and people's choice, while Cezmi Baskın took home the award for best actor for his role in the film. Meral Okay and Dilberay shared the award for best supporting actress, both for their roles in "Beynelmilel." The film also brought the best director of photography award to Gökhan Atılmış, reported the Anatolia news agency.

Another significant winner at the ceremony was Vahide Gördüm, who took home the best actress award for her role in the movie "İlk Aşk" (first love), which also brought the best director prize to its director Nihat Durak. The film also won the jury's special prize named after the late actor and filmmaker Yılmaz Güney.

The festival, organized by the Adana Greater Municipality, also handed out the awards for the winners of the student films competition. Two productions shared the best documentary prize. Eskişehir Anadolu University's Serkan Yüksel won for "Issız" (deserted) and Konya Selçuk University's Caner Erzincan and Mevlüt Çiftçi took the prize for "Buzlar Kırılınca" (when ices break).

The festival's selection committee, presided over by actress Çolpan İlhan, consisted of photography artist Mehmet Bayhan, filmmaker Reis Çelik, musician Gökhan Kırdar, writer Tuna Kire-mitçi, academic Oğuz Makal, director of photography Özdemir Öğüt, screenwriter Safa Önal, movie critic Agah Özgüç, actress Işık Yenersu and producer Kadri Yurdatap.

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