Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hamburg IFF | Press

Turkey 2010 | 100 min | OV with english and german s.t. | Colour |

In the first half of the 1990’s, on those days when intense skirmish between the Kurdish guerillas and the Turkish government took place, a handful of young journalists were struggling to proclaim the ongoing violations of human rights to the world. In those days of increasing pressure, the office staff fights both to survive and to reveal the facts. Journalism is no longer a profession, but a a matter of life or death for them.

This event is presented in cooperation with Freundeskreis Filmfest Hamburg e.V.

Director: Sedat Yilmaz

Screenplay: Sedat Yilmaz

Cast: Aram Dildar Engin Emre Değer Kadim Yaşar Sezgin Cengiz

Producer: Sedat Yilmaz

Orig. Titel: Press
Section: Agenda 11
Original language: Turkish
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
DoP: Demir Gökdemir
Set Designer: Nevin Do?an
Editor: Sedat Yilmaz
Format: 35 mm

Production Company: Karincalar Film Yapim | Firuzaga Mah. Süngü Sok. Süngü Apt. No: 1/2 | Cihangir-Istanbul | Turkey | Email:


Sedat Yilmaz, (*1972) works as a director and producer for cinema an TV. With his own production company Karincalar, he creates commercials and educational films. He also gives workshops in editing.

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