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A Turkish-Greek coproduction at the Berlinale Forum!

Mavi Boncuk |A Turkish-Greek coproduction at the Berlinale Forum!

NEWS 2012-01-26  /  Manolis Kranakis

“Beyond the Hill”, a Turkish-Greek coproduction courtesy of director Emin Alper features prominently among the Forum’s 38 titles - the Berlin International Film Festival’s most restless section – after participating in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival’s Crossroads Co-production Forum in 2010. This year he returned with a scene selection from the half-finished film, which screened as a Work in Progress at the Film Market, winning a special mention.

Among the many professionals who watched those first 10 minutes in Thessaloniki was Anna Hoffmann, the Berlinale Forum coordinator. The Greek coproduction deal was also a direct result of the festival, as the filmmakers happened to meet the people in charge of Greek post-production house 2/35 during the Film Market. They immediately signed on and the project was later completed in Athens.

According to the film’s official synopsis, “Beyond the Hill” tells the story of Faik, who returns home to work the land he inhereted from his grandfather after leaving the state forestry service. One summer day, his son and two grandchildren drop by to see him. His older grandson is a war veteran, suffering from mental disorders, while his younger grandson is a teenager, desperately trying to prove his manhood. At the exact moment of their arrival, Faik’s dispute with the trespassing nomads has almost become a vendetta. In retaliation for some earlier behavior, Faik steals one of their goats, which he plans to slaughter and cook for his family. His macho reaction inspires hatred in his son and grandchildren, who will turn against the nomads with tragic consequences…

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