Saturday, May 14, 2005

A BROKEN LOVE STORY/Kirik Bir Ask Hikayesi (1981)

A BROKEN LOVE STORY (Kirik Bir Ask Hikayesi)
Turkey 1981 / 95m
Director: Ömer Kavur ; Cast: Kadir Inanir, Hümeyra, Halil Ergün, Kamuran Usluer, Neriman Köksal

A classic piece of melodrama told with great simplicity by Omer Kavur. Fuat is forced into a prospective marriage to a rich girl, Belgin, to help his family's financial plight. His friend Bedri ends a meaningless life by committing suicide. Fuat's growing love for Aysel gradually becomes a symbol of rebellion that will free him from a system that imprisons, represses and isolates the individual. But, as Fuat discovers, sometimes escape is impossible.

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