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Yatik Emine / Emine (1974)

Yatik Emine / Emine / Emine la brûlée
1974 90 color 90 min.
Directed by:Ömer Kavur ; Written by:Ömer Kavur, Turgut Ozakman based on a novel by Refik Halit karay; Cinematography
by:Renato Fait; Edited by:Ömer Kavur,Renato Fait; Music by: Arif Erkin; Sound by: Feridun Kinay; Produced by: Duran Tantekin. Cast: Necla Nazir, Serdar Gokhan, Mahmut Hekimoglu, Bilal Inci, Atilla Ergun, Osman Alyanak, Guzin Ozipek,
Renan Fosforoglu.

Synopsis: "Yatik Emine" tells the story of a prostitute in exile during the First World War. In 1990 a prostitute called Yatik Emine is sent on exile to a small Anatolian town. Not knowing how to deal with the problem, the young lieutenant in
charge has her placed temporarily in prison. However her arrival causses great dissatisfaction amongst the native people.

As a result the town's cauncil takes this complaint to the governor. But in prison Emine is badly beaten by a prisoner sentenced for having killed her husband. The governor finds a solution for Emine by lodging her with her janitor.Emine is happy in the janitor'shouse and she gets along well with his wife. Native women who want to see Emine satisfy their curiousty by coming to visit the janitor's wife. Whenone day the janitor takes advantage of his wife's absence and tries to rape Emine they are discovered on the act and Emine is savagely beaten. Emine is carried to the hospital.

Here she meets a political exile working as an attendant, his name is Server. Server showsher sympathy and they soon become close friends. However when this friendship is a subject to discussion by the doctoramongst the officials, the lieutenant jealous has her moved to an isolated house in the outskirts of the town. Emine in search for work is rejected at each attempt, finally she decides to take a petition to the officials for a job. She meets a mad petition writer who helps her gratuitously. The lieutenant having read the petition grants her a daily loaf of bread. Server also doesn't loose track of her andcontinues to offer this help. He furnishes her home, takes her food and after a while they begin living together. This provokes new reactions amongst the natives, Riza the town's tough guy making this a question of honor starts a fight with Server. Server beats Riza but is sent fron the town to a stone mine by the authorities.

The lieutenant who is conditioned by his official situation is conscious that he no longer can help Emine and decides to leave for an inspection. Emine is left all alone to her fate. Riza seizes this opportunity to take a friend to Emine to cure him of his impotence...

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