Saturday, May 14, 2005

In Memoriam | Omer Kavur, 61

May 15, 2005

Turkish filmmaker Omer Kavur, 61

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Turkish filmmaker and screenwriter Omer Kavur, whose psychological dramas were featured in Cannes and at other prominent international festivals, has died of cancer. He was 61. Kavur, who had been suffering from lymph node cancer, died at his home in Istanbul Thursday, according to Sadik Deveci, a friend and film producer. The films by the French-educated director probed the depths of human existence and psychology and helped win international praise for Turkish cinematography. His 1987 film "Night Journey" chronicled the story of a filmmaker working in solitude as he dealt with the past, while the 1997 "Journey In The Hour Hand" was the story of a watchmaker who witnesses a murder in which the body goes missing. Both were shown at the Cannes film festival. Other films were shown at festivals in the United States and Canada. (AP)

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