Saturday, May 14, 2005

Night Journey/Gece Yolculugu (1987)

Gece Yolculugu

Le Voyage de nuit
Night Journey

Kavur Ömer; Turkey; 1987

35 mm; 107'; color; v.o. turkish; s-t. english

Filmmaker Ali is looking for shooting locations for his new film. Tired of curbing his artistic impulses in favour of the actors’ and producers’ wishes, he feels the need to spend some time on his own. He chooses an abandoned village where he can film and write in complete peace and finally confront the ghosts and shadows of his past.

Gece Yolculugu is certainly one of the best examples of Turkish auteur cinema. The film starts like a road movie before settling in the ruins of a church, where the main protagonist withdraws in order to better confront his memory and his consciousness. The filmmaker’s brilliant presentation of the lucid and cruel acknowledgment of the meaning of life always includes the outside world and its tenderly and attentively observed natives. The socio-political data of the time emerge by means of snatches of conversations and radio information. The wealth of collective reality is thus integrated into the profoundly individualistic context of existentialist erring ways.

scénario: Ömer Kavur image: Salih Dikisçi montage: Mevlüt Koçak son: Ercan Okan musique: Atilla Özdemiroglu interprètes: Aytaç Arman, Macit Koper, Sahika Tekand, Aslan Kaçar, Orhan Çagman, Osman Alyanak, Ergun Özcan, Erol Durak, Mehmet Esen, Orhan Basaran, Ömür Çelikbilek

production:Alfa Film Ltd.Ömer Kavur istiklâl Cad. Halep ishanı No.140 Kat:5 80080 Beyoglu – Istanbul –Turquie
tél. +90 212 243 63 40 fax +90 212 245 31 08

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