Friday, April 04, 2008

The 6th Turkish Films Week in Berlin

Turkish films to be screened in Berlin

The 6th Turkish Films Week will take start in Berlin next week. Documentaries and short films will also be presented during Turkish Films Week which will end on April 12th.

The 6th Turkish Films Week is organized by "Theatre Aktuel Berlin" association under the auspices of Berlin State Prime Minister Klaus Wowereit. "Mutluluk" (Happiness), directed by Abdullah Oguz, will be the first film that will be screened at the opening of the week on Thursday evening.

"Mavi Gozlu Dev" (Blue eyed Giant), "Yasamın Kiyisinda" (The Edge of Heaven), "Yumurta" (Egg), "Hazan Mevsimi" (Autumn), "Fikret Bey", "Bayrampasa", "Munferit" (Individual), "Hicran Sokagi" (Sadness street), "Meine Mutter, mein Bruder und ich" (My Mother, My Brother and I), "Riza", "Ademin Trenleri" (Adem's Trains), "Kader" (Destiny), and "Iyi seneler Londra" (Happy New Year London) are the other films that will be screened on three separate theatres.

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