Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cinema Honorary Awards to Bora, Günay and Hun

Cinema Honorary Awards were presented at the opening ceremony of the 27th International İstanbul Film Festival .

Cinema Honorary Awards which are annually given to those artists who contributed significantly to the development of Turkish Cinema are presented this year to:

Ekrem Bora, a star, who has acted in the gamut of roles in the Yeşilçam spectrum, from baby-faced movie hunk to strong-featured authoritarian patriarch. From Metin Erksan's masterpiece "Acı Hayat" ("Bitter Life") (1963), Atıf Yılmaz' "Pembe Kadın" ("Pink Lady"), to Ülkü Erakalın's many films including "Gözleri Ömre Bedel" ("Eyes Worth a Life"), Ekrem Bora has become one of the unforgettable figures of Yeşilçam.

İzzet Günay played in many movies which are seen among classics of Yeşilçam for both their plots and acting. All made Izzet Günay forever imprinted on the audiences' memory. His characters who don't run from a fight and stick with the just, the Ottoman male who is street-savvy but has a soft heart and knows how to love, all contributed into making him one of the unforgettable faces of Yeşilçam.

Ediz Hun is the actor most associated with Yeşilçam's romantic young male stars. His name was the first to come to mind in classical Yeşilçam melodramas. Some of his memorable roles were Kenan in the Orhan Aksoy adaptation of Kerime Nadir's "Hıçkırık" ("Sigh"), Şevket in Memduh Ün's adaptation of Reşat Nuri's "Yaprak Dökümü" ("Falling Leaves") and Peregrini in Mehmet Dinler's adaptation of Halide Edip's "Sinekli Bakkal" ("The Clown and His Daughter").

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