Friday, November 14, 2008

Thessaloniki 49 | Lost Songs of Anatolia by Nezih Unen

Lost Songs of Anatolia / Nezih Unen

As the fruit of 350 hours of footage and 5 years of labor and creative study, "Lost Songs of Anatolia" may be the first example of its kind as a documentary-musical film. The cultural riches of Anatolia are sung in authentic performances recorded live on location, spontaneously. Through the modern arrangements, an incomparable musical is formed. While this journey shows how music and culture is derived from life, geography and work, an exploration of Anatolia’s versatile cultures takes place on the basis of music, dance and rituals. The staggering environment surrounding these people and influencing their lifestyles contributes to the lyric flow of the film.

Director:Nezih Unen
Photographer:Aras Demiray, Behic Gulsacan
Montage:Nezih Unen
Sound:Sarp Ozdemiroglu
Art Direction:Ceyda Caba
Actors:featuring: Cemile Yildirim, Cetin Icten, Osman Turan, Osman Efendioglu, Cevahir Serbetci, Mustafa Metin, Cevdet Oztopal, Halil Er, Mehmet Bedel, Mehmet Celer, Kirtil Folk Music Ensemble, Muhammet Demir, Ceyhun Demir, Ismail Ozdemir, Denizli Zeybek Dancers, BehzatYurt, Ali Kara,Mehmet Demir, Madine Ozen, Orhan Karadagoglu, Mahmut Karatas, Sabri Yokus, Herkul Boncuk, Ali Bilgis, et al.
World Sales:Nezih Unen Productions, Turkey T. +90 212 257 4562 F. +90 212 263 4930
Producer:Nezih Unen
Production:Nezih Unen Productions
Production Country:Turkey
Type:Digibeta Color
Production Year:2008

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