Friday, November 14, 2008

Thessaloniki 49 | Shell by Uygar Asan

Shell / Uygar Asan

Burhan a young man in his mid-twenties, works at the post office. His job is allocating the incoming letters according to their addresses. He lives alone. His mother and sister are dead. His father is a retired army officer who is now a senile and lives in a clinic. He likes a girl that he has never disclosed his feelings to. He has his own way of building a relationship with her that causes him trouble. Despite the troubles he faces, he manages to go on with his life thanks to a letter addressed to someone else. Burhan will start behaving in an strange manner and he will pose as someone else through this letter. What will this new situation bring? Will the “shell” that Burhan lives in break? Will he find a way out from his alienated life?

Director:Uygar Asan
Script:Uygar Asan
Photographer:Uygar Asan
Montage:Uygar Asan
Sound:Tolga Çelik
Music:Tolga Çelik
Art Direction:Anita Sezgener, Nilay Kacar
Actors:Sezgin Cengiz (Burhan), Ayşe Bayramoğlu (the girl working in the laundry), Tolga İskit (Burhan’s friend at the post office)
World Sales:Yeşil Karinca Video Düş Laboratuvari, Turkey Uygar Asan T. +90 216 550 1142
Producer:Uygar Asan
Production:Yeşil Karinca Video Düş Laboratuvari
Production Country:Turkey
Type:Digibeta Color
Production Year:2007

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