Sunday, April 19, 2009

IIFF 2009 | Men on the Bridge

Director: Aslı Özge
Cast: Fikret Portakal, Murat Tokgöz, Umut İlker
Germany-Turkey, 2009 | 35 mm / Colour / 90' | Turkish; English s.t.
ProductionFabian Massah for Endorphine Production GmbH

The illegal rose-seller Fikret, the shared-taxi driver Umut, and the traffic policeman Murat live in the suburbs of Istanbul and come to work to the centre of the city, the Bosphorus Bridge. Unknown to each other, their dreams intersect in the rush hour every day with millions of other Istanbulites on the so-called border between Asia and Europe. The film's stories are based on the real lives of the main characters, who act themselves in their original environments. Telling the stories of Berliners in her first fiction feature A Little Bit of April (2003), Aslı Özge this time tells about the dreams and aspirations of the young generation in Istanbul.

Köprüdekiler (2009)
... aka Igne deligi (Turkey: Turkish title)
... aka Men on the Bridge (International: English title)
Ein bisschen April | A Little Bit of April | Biraz Nisan (2003) (TV) 99 min.
Cast: Thomas Gerber, Dagmar Gabler, Christian Wewerka, Anja Ressmer

Berlin in April. Luka spends his days looking for the house he has seen in his dreams since he was a child. At night he secretly returns to these houses to see if he can sleep there without having nightmares. One night he meets Vera with whom he once had an affair. His mysterious existence also attracts Tim, a failed writer who cannot accept that his glory days are over. And then there’s Cem who dreams of becoming a famous musician and the beautiful but naive Isa. For each of them, moving to a new house is an end in itself, but also a new beginning.

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