Saturday, April 11, 2009


Director: Caner Canerik
Cast: Ali Şanlı, Cevahir Şanlı, Metin Güler
Turkey, 2008 | miniDV / Colour / 90' | Turkish-Kurkish; English s.t.

The latest film from director Caner Canerik, who has switched to documentaries after a career in news reporting chronicles his observations from the Kırmızıköprü Village (Pırdesur in Kurdish) in Pülümür town in the east of Turkey where he was born, and his return years after he has left for college. Especially after 1990, internal migration caused big tragedies in the east and south east regions of Turkey. Three million people, according to unofficial statistics, left their homes and savings and migrated to cities they hardly knew. Kırmızıköprü now only has a population of 30 following emigration from the village, and the stories of these people who did not migrate, who continued to live there reflect the cultural and social transformation, life and struggle in the village.

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