Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2 GENC KIZ by Kutlug Ataman

2 GENC KIZ Turkey
Focus on World Cinema
2005 / 35 mm / Colour / 107 min
Director : Kutlug Ataman
Script : Kutlug Ataman
Photography : Emre Erkmen
Editor : Zeynep Zilelioglu, Aziz Imamoglu, Lew Q
Cast : Hulya Avsar, Feride Cetin, Vildan Atasever

Two teenage girls hook up in contemporary Istanbul. Bubbly blonde Handan loves patrolling the shopping malls and has a love-hate relationship with her mom, Leman, who also likes expensive clothes. Although Leman is willing to turn tricks to raise Handan's college fees, she's otherwise hopeless with both men and money. Behiye, meanwhile, is an angry and defiant university student with little interest in education. She despises her conservative parents and her abusive older brother. When a mutual friend introduces Behiye to Handan they immediately hit it off, and despite the differences in their backgrounds they embark on an intense relationship and, with it, a secret plan to escape their dysfunctional families.

Kutlug Ataman
Born in Istanbul in 1961, Kutlug Ataman graduated in drama and film from the University of California in Los Angeles, in 1988. He worked for several years in Turkey and in Germany, then moved to London in 1999. His video installations have been displayed at museums in New York and across Europe. Selected filmography: Hansel and Gretel (1984), La Fuga (1988), THE SERPENT'S TALE (1993), LOLA AND BILIDIKID (1998), Women With Pigs (1999), Never My Soul (2000), and The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read (2002).

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