Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antalya 06 | Gravity Zero by Murat Şeker

Gravity Zero
Murat Şeker

Film Title: Gravity Zero
Orginal Title: İki Süper Film Birden
Turkish Title: İki Süper Film Birden
Director: Murat Şeker
Screenplay: Erol Adilçe, Murat Şeker, Selami Genli
Cast: Tim Seyfi , Murat Akkoyunlu, Ugur Polat, Beste Bereket, Cahit Berkay, Yasemin Öztürk, Nejat Isler, Atilla Saral, Suzan Aksoy, Orhan Kocatas, Feridun Düzagaç
Country: Turkey
Year: 2006
Duration: 95'
Production: Sugarworkz
Productor: Erol Adilçe, Murat Seker
Photography: Emre Erkmen
Editing: Erol Adilçe
Music: Serhat Ersöz

Necati is a 33 year old man who’s passionate for cinema. He has lost his mother just after he was born and his father is an odd fisherman nicknamed “Newton”. Necati’s biggest dream is to complete his film “Gravity Zero” which he endeavors to shoot by using a home camera and show it to an audience on a cinema screen. He earns his life by shooting videos for the wannabe famous local singers, slushy TV advertisements for the tradesmen of the neighborhood whom he had hard times to convince and by recording wedding ceremonies whenever he falls stranded. A Don Quixote when it comes to cinema, Necati could not manage to derive support from anyone except his wife Arzu and his assistant Selami, for the film he presented as “an experimental picture that will rock Europe” runs on no proper script neither it incorporates any professional actors. Unexpected circumstances that come to life when Necati is on the verge of realizing his dream will leave him alone in the midst of a Mafia pay-off and give birth to results that will affect the lives of the people around him.

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