Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antalya 06 | Aura by Orhan Oğuz

Orhan Oğuz

Film Title: Aura
Orginal Title: Aura
Turkish Title: Aura
Director: Orhan Oğuz
Screenplay: Orhan Oğuz
Cast: Gani Rüzgar Şavafa, Töre Anadolu, Ahmet Satılmış
Country: Turkey
Year: 2006
Duration: 90'
Production: 7. Sanat Sinema
Productor: Tunç Oğuz, Arafat Şavafa
Photography: Umut Ardabak
Editing: Mevlüt Koçak
Music: Murat Engin

Haydar, member of a religious cult is condemned to punishment by the community of his cult. Whereas the guilt actually belongs to Şahin, his elder brother. Şahin, expelled from his cult, acquaints with the beautiful Yezidi girl Yezide. The story of orphaned Yezide's remaining life transforms into an "aura". And the adventure of two robbers incorporate into this aura as well.

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