Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antalya 06 | A Man's Fear of God by Özer Kızıltan

A Man's Fear of God
Özer Kızıltan

Film Title: A Man's Fear of God
Orginal Title: Takva
Turkish Title: Takva
Director: Özer Kızıltan
Screenplay: Önder Çakar
Cast: Müfit Aytekin, Erkan Can, Murat Cemcir, Güven Kırac, Feridun Koc, Öznur Kula, Erdal Parmaksizoglu, Erman Saban, Duygu Sen, Settar Tanriogen, Meray Ülgen, Selahattin Bilal
Country: Turkey
Year: 2006
Production: Yeni Sinemacılar- Corazon Internatıonal
Productor: Fatih Akin, Onder Cakar, Sevil Demirci, Klaus Maeck, Andreas Thiel
Photography: Soykut Turan
Editing: Andrew Bird, Niko
Music: Gökçe Akçelik
Web: http//
Humble introvert Muharrem lives in a solitary and meager existence of a prayer and sexual abstinence adhering strictly to the most severe Islamic doctrines.His exstraordinary devotion attracts the attention of the leaders of a rich and powerful İstanbul religious group.His acclaimed trustworthiness and contiousness inspire them to offer him an administrative post as rent collector for their numerous properties.Muharrem’s new job throws him into the modern outside world he has successfully avoided for so long.He soon withnesses conflict attitude toward alcohol consumption and goodwill.He notices that he himself has become proud,domineering and even dishonest.To make matters worse ,Muharrem’s inner peace is unnerved by the tormenting image of seductive woman who tempts him in his dreams,both night and day.With the balance of his devotion now upset,his fear of God begins to eat away at his senses.

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