Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antalya 06 | Purgatory Zero by Biray Dalkıran

Biray Dalkıran

Film Title: Purgatory
Orginal Title: Araf
Turkish Title: Araf
Director: Biray Dalkıran
Screenplay: Hakan Bilir
Cast: Akasya Asıltürkmen, Murat Yıldırım, Kubilay Tunçer, Yasin Şerif Tulun, Mehmet Birkiye
Country: Turkey
Year: 2006
Duration: 96'
Production: DFGS Yapim
Productor: Biray Dalkıran
Photography: Askin Sagiroglu
Editing: Biray Dalkıran
Music: Hayko Cepkin

Eda is a student of dance enrolled in the academy of arts. She is in a relationship with Cihan, who’s married and has a kid. When she awakens to the fact that she’s been pregnant for 16 weeks, she asks her fellow Oya to replace her on the night she was supposed to stage a solo performance. Same night, Eda has an illegal abortion which will darken her remaining life under unsanitary conditions. 3 years later, she is now married to Cenk, a photography student, and pregnant for two months. But her pregnancy, along with the problem of a 3 year old girlchild entering her life wreck her psychology and Eda starts to comport self-destructively, scaring all who’s around her.

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