Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antalya 06 | Snowmen by Aytan Gönülşen

Aytan Gönülşen

Film Title: Snowmen
Orginal Title: Kardan Adamlar
Turkish Title: Kardan Adamlar
Director: Aytan Gönülşen
Screenplay: Osman Dikiciler, Aytan Gönülşen, Onur Güven
Cast: Hazım Körmükçü, Ogün Kaptanoğlu
Country: Turkey
Year: 2006
Duration: 88'
Photography: Levent Vural
Editing: Aytan Gönülşen
Music: Onur Güven, Sinan Zarakolu

Levent (Hazım Körmükçü) and Can (Ogün Kaptanoğlu), who’re partners in business, hit the interurban road on a cold winter day to find one of their customers they’re about to lose and persuade him to do business with them again. Desiring to make the journey a petty weekend escapade, Can takes the opportunity of Levent’s sleeping, strays from the highway and takes the mountain road. The jeep, after traveling along uneven mountain roads surrounded by a fascinating landscape of snow for a while, sinks deep into snow because of Can’s craving for fun. Levent, blaming his partner with flightiness, gets angry at him and moves away. The couple lose one another. When they’re reunited, they find themselves in a strange world hosted by snowy mountains adorned with verdant trees. Levent and Can, while trying to withstand the gradually hardening fury of nature, start questioning each other and their relationships with life. This struggle will open the doors of the couple’s facing their own selves in a world where time does not reign over.

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I didn't know there is a famous film festival in Antalya. Actually only know about sea and Antalya clubs :))